Our start...

Kicking-off in 2017, the team identified the need to close the access-to-market gap between SMMEs and corporates by combining best practice procurement and transformation processes. The ProcureSense roots lie in the principles of Mission 1st – Team 2nd – Individual 3rd . To successfully establish these principles, the ProcureSense methodology of “serve first” has played a pivotal role in our growth.

The ProcureSense team has had great success in being the catalyst for corporate change and SMME growth and scale. Our intent is simple: Improve the economic and financial well being of South Africa by enabling corporates to conduct meaningful procurement transformation and assisting SMME to grow and scale.

Our dynamic team is made up of people who are passionate about changing the status quo of our country and serving others before themselves.

Adults analysing and brainstorming


Less than 10% of corporate South Africa’s procurement spend is with black owned SMMEs. Procurement best practice and the B-BBEE Preferential Procurement scorecard are complex matters and, in many ways can be seen as polar opposites. Whilst procurement best practice looks to rationalize a corporates supplier base to optimize operations and reduce risk, the preferential procurement scorecard seeks to open a corporate’s supply chain to new untested SMMEs, and that could be seen to increase the risk to a corporate. Many Procurement and B-BBEE Transformation managers across South Africa have tried to increase their Preferential Procurement scorecard whilst adhering to the Procurement Best Practice principles with sub-optimal results.


leading the way

Dealing with Procurement and Transformation should be fun and exciting. Our approach to Procurement Transformation adopts such learnings and principles. Through our approach of innovation, collaboration and implementation effectiveness, ProcureSense has become the leading procurement transformation partner in South Africa.

Our deep understanding of procurement best practice infused with a wealth of experience in SMME development and business transformation has created the environment to do things radically different and challenging the status quo.

So where to from here?

Forwards and Onward.

Closing the gap of SMME access to market and corporate mindset is not a task achievable overnight. Steady, long and sustainable transformation requires re-conditioning and re-engineering of processes and mindsets. ProcureSense looks to create tomorrows transformation by starting with today’s resources. As such, our forward looking view seeks to rapidly accelerate the growth of SMMEs in preparation for the future transformation requirements. Our training methods facilitate the corporate SA mindset shift through our unique training of context and content in practical application environments.

Look to the future... we will be waiting for you.