Entrepreneurial Training

Developing a new breed of value-based, results driven entrepreneurs whilst driving corporate and SMME transformation.

ESD and Entrepreneurial training done the right way...

Our Entrepreneurial Training programmes are results-oriented, focusing on delivering real and measurable impact to both corporates & the SMMEs. We aim to align the interests of corporates & SMMEs and provide all the necessary support. This enables all parties to work together to innovate and create products & services of greater value, yielding more jobs and a more inclusive & sustainable economy.

Our Entrepreneurial Training Features

A Focused Approach to ESD

Each programme is tailored to meet corporates’ compliance & supply chain goals, ensuring a fit between the SMMEs & corporates participating.
This reduces the risk to the corporate and makes ESD an investment opportunity, rather than a compliance expense.

Building for Supply Chain Readiness

We work to understand the current gaps existing within the SMME. Our programmes are then structured to address these gaps, paving the way
for SMMEs deliver value to corporates in the short-term, which sets the foundation for long-term strategic relationships.

Multi-module Learning

Our programmes go beyond classroom learning
(in-person & online) to include mentorship & coaching from industry specialists, and busines & operational support. This is tailored to suit the SMME’s lifecycle stage, with aim of making them supply chain and funding ready.