Boost Your Procurement: Drive Cost Efficiency and Forge Lasting Social Impact

Feeling lost in the procurement haze?

Caught in the procurement cycle of constant crises.

Feeling the weight of rising costs and hidden supplier risks?

Are you helplessly witnessing the erosion profits and investor trust?

We feel your struggle - Navigating procurement's maze, tackling compliance, dodging risks, all while guarding your bottom line. Face the obstacles head-on by transforming your approach with solutions that deliver.

Unlock excellence with our expertise.
We lead you through an integrated procurement strategy, merging BEE and ESG goals to revolutionise compliance, commercial success and social impact. With our proven methodology, we illuminate the path in these key areas.

Strategy Development

Crafting Cohesion

Our strategies are blueprints for success, woven into the very fabric of your organization. They’re not just plans; they’re actionable guides that illuminate the path for every team member, aligning actions with outcomes and turning collective effort into collective triumph.


Insights Unlocked

We transform data into your most trusted advisor, pinpointing the exact levers to pull for cost-saving victories and risk mitigation. Our analytics reveal the hidden narratives in your numbers, offering a beacon for real-time, informed decisions that keep you steps ahead.

Rapid Implementation

Velocity Meets Vision

Our roadmap is a masterclass in momentum, infusing your projects with the expertise and support needed to cross the finish line with speed and precision. We streamline processes, integrate resources, and sometimes, when the path calls for it, we take the wheel to drive you faster towards your goals.


Impact Amplified

Beyond just numbers, our approach elevates your ESD scorecard and ESG compliance to new heights. We’re in the business of building bridges—connecting SMEs to growth, sparking employment, and crafting a legacy of economic resilience. With us, your procurement doesn’t just perform; it transforms

Beyond Checkboxes

Let's forge a future where every procurement decision pays dividends beyond compliance - Crafting meaningful social impact, fostering trust, and cementing your business's credibility.

Together, let's turn procurement into your powerhouse of value and virtue.

Your Path to Success in Three Simple Steps

Step 1

Illuminate your targets

Begin with Clarity: Unveil your true procurement, BEE, and ESG ambitions through our exclusive Scorecard Report. It’s more than an assessment; It’s your beacon, guiding you to your goals with precision and purpose.

Step 2

Craft your masterplan

Strategise with Vision: weave an integrated strategy that’s not just a plan, but a promise of achievement. With a target-driven roadmap and opportunities at your fingertips, we set the stage for a journey defined by success and synergy.

Step 3

Achieve and amplify

Realise your Potential: Execute with excellence and monitor the ripple effects of your decisions. From cost savings to risk mitigation, and stirring social to environmental revolutions, we don’t just reach targets; we redefine them for unprecedented impact.

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Why Choose Us as Your Guide?

Our impact in numbers

Sustainable Impact is what we do

1 Bn
in shifted procurement spend

In the last 2 years, we have assisted corporate South Africa to transform over R5 Billion of procurement spend to black-owned and black women-owned businesses.

0 Bn
in corporate savings

Over the past 2 years we have helped corporate South Africa save over R1 Billion by improving their procurement and overall business efficiencies. 


We have developed over 50 ESG initiatives, of which 36 are in full effect, serving clients’ local communities.

1 +
SMmes trained

Over 2,000 entrepreneurs have been equipped through our Procurement and SMME Development training programmes.

1 %
increase in revenue growth

Through our dynamic entrepreneurial training, we have collectively grown our SMMEs revenues by over R100 Million per annum, increasing their revenues by an average of 150%.

1 +
Jobs created

By opening the door to Access to Market opportunities for South African Entrepreneurs, we have helped impact the lives of over 300 people through job creation.

Our Clients & Partners

An integrated world needs profitable organisations that understand its needs and those of its people as they provide the products and services they want. Unlocking the potential of your organisations Supply Chain through ESG and B-BBEE (Compliance) best practices, can help you achieve just this.

We have worked with a number of leading organisations, in countless industries who are following suit and leading the way to a Sustainable tomorrow.

From Traditional to Transformational

In the future, the successful businesses will be those who have a full integration of compliance, commercial viability, stakeholder goals & values. We unpack this idea in our recent article.

How we're creating Value Beyond Compliance

We believe that compliance driven tasks should create value for all stakeholders involved – we call this ‘boomerang effect’. Read how we’ve achieved this for one of our clients.

Learn how we bring together the worlds of ESG, Compliance and Supply Chain to create 360 Impact for our clients, their people, communities and bottom lines alike.

Ready to Transform your procurement function, boost cost savings, and make a lasting social impact?

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