The Problem We Face

South Africa sits with several corporate & small business challenges. To facilitate economic recovery & solve our unemployment rate, more jobs need to be created. This can be done by creating access to market opportunities in corporate supply chains for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), who in turn contribute up to 60% of all employment.

The Problems faced by Small Businesses


34% of South Africans are currently unemployed, with the youth unemployment rate sitting at 61%.

Rate of Failure

65% of small businesses in South Africans fail within the first two years.

The Problems faced by Corporates

Corporate Spend

Less than 10% of corporate South Africa’s spend is with small businesses.

Push to Prioritise Cost Savings

Globally, 50% of CFOs are prioritising the reduction of operating costs.

The future demands forward thinking and solutions to these challenges.

In the future the lines between compliance, commercial viability as well as stakeholder goals & objectives will become fully integrated. The future of BBBEE, ESD & Supply Chain solutions will need to be aligned & integrated with other compliance standards such as ESG and SDGs to sustainably deliver both shareholder & stakeholder value. 

In 2018 we embarked on a client journey that required a similar brief.

The Overview

Large multi-national FMCG company faced merger conditions penalties due to a lack of transformation particularly within their supply chain. Failure to address this would have led to financial penalties imposed on the business.

The Challenges Faced

The organization had less than 9% of their supply chain transformed & needed to move to 30% within 5 years or less. Furthermore, the merging of several operations left the business with no clear line of sight on where transformation opportunities existed.

The Plan

Executives tasked senior management to develop a data-driven procurement transformation strategy that was integrated with ESD & the business goals.


Our Results

How We Did It: The Top 5 Tasks Performed

01 | Executive Buy-in Sponsorship

Senior executives & business leaders must be bought into the process of transformation with linked KPI’s

02 | Integrated Procurement & ESD Strategy 

Procurement & ESD strategies must be integrated with each other & aligned to business strategy

03 | Big Data Analytics

Strategies developed must be informed by data driven procurement analytics that combines procurement & transformation best practices

04 | Executive Buy-in Sponsorship

Internal transformation & procurement staff skillsets must be improved with capacity added where required

05 | Change Management & Implementation Plan

Organizational change management must take place with an organization wide target driven implementation plan put in place & executed on

As the definition of corporate value transitions along with the ever changing needs of the people, environment and communities in which we operate in, so should our approach to uncovering ground breaking solutions that Unlock Value & Create Opportunities by challenging the status quo.  

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