At ProcureSense, we develop a range of specialised technological products that are tailored to meet your unique business needs.

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Learner Management Systems

Has COVID-19 forced you to rethink your business operating model and the way you up-skill your employees?

We develop a tailored training solution to meet your unique business needs, one that will not drastically change your training-spend.

Our Solution Enables

  • A customisable, cost-effective Learning and Development (L&D) training platform that is dynamic from end-to-end,
  • Interactive training delivery and management,
  • Development for a fully White-labelled learning platform.

Product Features

  • Design capabilities to organisation requirements;

  • Seamless content creation and content management;

  • Track user learner development progress in real-time

Product Benefits

  • Reduced Learning and Development Costs
  • Multi-Media Learning 
  • Real time data monitoring and evaluation

Our LMS Solution

Data Analytics

Has the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in you looking at opportunities to reduce procurement costs whilst still ensuring B-BBEE legislation requirements are met?

Are you spending hours on end sifting through procurement data trying to finding these opportunities with no light at the end of the tunnel?

ProcureSense has developed a simple to use intuitive procurement data analytics solution that provides you with real-time procurement data at the click of a button.

Our Solution Enables

  • Consolidated and cleansed procurement spend data
  • Category & commodity planning
  • RFP/ tender scheduling & tracking

Product Features

  • Full integration with any ERP system
  • Customisable procurement dashboards
  • Cloud-based platform for ease of access

Product Benefits

  • Low cost data analytics solutions
  • Helps identify cost saving opportunities
  • Easy integration with any ERP solution

Learn how Data Analytics can be used in Procurement Transformation

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