Ways to Source Government Tenders

We have taken you through the process for government and we have given you the common faults made by bidders. But the one question that is foremost in your minds is how to get to the source of government tenders.

There are several in which we can source government tenders and these are as follows:

1) Make use of websites as follows:

  1. www.onlinetenders.co.za and register for continuous updates
  2. www.tenderbulletins.co.za and register for continuous updates
  3. www.sa-tenders.co.za and register for continuous updates

2) Also make of the national treasury website for online tenders


 3) Newspaper publishing

Previously tenders used to be published in newspapers, however it has reduced in recent times due to centralised purchasing from National Treasury. But it is still important to view national newspapers and journals for the odd tenders that are published.


The above gives you a basis to try to source government tenders. Now with all this information, we have no excuses to trying to be successful in government tenders. So, go forward and be fruitful.

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